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I am a fourth-year engineering student at ESILV Paris, La Défense. My major is Fintech and my fields are AI, finance, and web dev. My studies are all about blockchain technologies, drafting smart contracts, cryptocurrencies market, and blockchain-related topics (NFTs and many more).

I am passionate about entrepreneurship. I created 3 entrepreneurial projects that gave me many soft and hard skills. I am also part of the DeVinci Research Center, which is my school's research lab. I currently work on the security of Proof of Stake blockchains, in particular, with the rise of derivatives (lending and borrowing). I am also currently Vice President of my Schools' Entrepreneurial Club where we help people make their projects a reality.

🔥 Passions and Skills

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import abilities, knowledge from Maxence

def FrenchMarketAuthority():
    # Description
    print('Passed the French Market Authority Certification')
    print('Ability to practice throughout EU')

    # Abilities
    abilities.unlock('portfolio management')
    abilities.unlock('financial investment advisor')

    # KnowLedge
    knowledge.discover('financial markets')
    knowledge.discover('various financial products')
import React, { useState, useEffect } from "react"
import { abilities } from "maxence"

export default function React() {
    const [frameworks, setFrameworks] = useState<string[]>([])

    useState(() => {
        const tech = [
            "🔥 Next.js"
            "Vanilla js"

    }, [])

    return (
            <p>Doing Web Dev since 2017</p>
            <p>Training every day I can on new tech</p>
pragma solidity ^0.8.10;

interface BlockchainDevelopper {

    /// @notice `msg.sender` learns `_name` with a content of `_description`
    /// @param _name The name of the skill
    /// @param _description The description of the skill

    function learn(_name: string, _description: string) public;

    event Graduate(address student, uint256 grade)

contract Student is BlockchainDevelopper {

    mapping(address => mapping(string => string)) skills;
    mapping(address => bool) students;

    constructor() {
        students[msg.sender] = true;

    function learn(string memory _name, string memory _description) public {
        require(students[msg.sender], "You are not a student");
        require(bytes(skills[msg.sender][_name].lenght == 0, "You already have this skill");
        skills[msg.sender][_name] = _description;

    function graduate(uint256 _grade) public {
        require(students[msg.sender], "You are not a student");
        uint256 year = now / (60 * 60 * 24 * 365)
        require(year == 2023, "You can't graduate until the year 2023");
        emit Graduate(msg.sender, _grade);

    function blockchainProgramming() public {
        learn("Drafting Smart Contracts", "Learn how to read and build a smart contracts");
        learn("Smart Contract Security", "Learn how to secure smart contracts");
        learn("Crypto Principles", "Implementation of BIPs and EIPs for example");

    function cryptocurrencyMarkets() public {
        learn("Crypto Governance", "What governs cryptos and how ?");
        learn("Crypto Economics", "How does crypto affect the economy ?");

    function cryptography() public {
        // Code implementation of the cryptography are included in this course
        learn("Symmetric Cryptography", "How does symmetric cryptography work ?");
        learn("Asymmetric Cryptography", "How does asymmetric cryptography work ?");

    <li>Natural Language Processing</li>
    <li>Image Classification</li>
    <li>Object Detection</li>
    <li>Sequence Generation</li>
using System;

namespace MaxenceRaballand {

    class Program {

        public static void Main(string[] args) {
            string notions = "- Search Algorithms (A*, ...)\n"
                           + "- Classification with KNN, DBSCAN...\n"
                           + "- Genetic Algorithms\n";
  • Finance
    • FMA certified (French and European Financial Market Authority)
    • Porfolio Management
    • Financial Investment Advisor
    • Knowledge of various financial products
  • Web Dev
    • Practice almost everyday
    • Love learning about new techs
    • Some of my favorite frameworks
      • 🔥 Next js
      • React
      • Angular
      • Flutter (also for app dev)
      • ...
  • Blockchain
    • Blockchain Programming
      • 🔥 Solidity
      • Smart contracts and security
      • Implementation of EIPs and BIPs
    • Cryptocurrency markets
      • Crypto Governance
      • Crypto Economics
    • Cryptography
      • Symmetric cryptography
      • Asymmetric cryptography
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Frameworks
      • TensorFlow
      • Keras
      • PyTorch
    • Notions
      • Natural Language Processing
      • Image Classification
      • Object Detection
      • Sequence Generation
  • Algorithmics
    • Search Algorithms (A*, ...)
    • Classification with KNN, DBSCAN...
    • Genetic Algorithms

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Style Transfer Museum
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My Inspirations Today

Moonlight Sonata - 3rd Movement by Betoven

Marseillaise (French National Anthem)

Interpreted by the Orchestre National de France for the 2024 Paris Olympics, it is a combination of music and images that is simply beautiful.