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Emplettes Since 2020

image from Emplettes by Maxence Raballand

Emplettes is a web application that allows you to shop in your favorite local stores. It is also a universal discount card for these store.

The idea behind this app is to make city centers attractive again. We also wanted to give merchants a powerful tool to be heard in the numeric world.

I develloped the application in Flutter and with my team, we met possible partners and merchant for a possible launch in 2022.

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Freckly 2018 - 2020

image from Freckly by Maxence Raballand

Freckly is an AI application in healthcare domain. It lied on Image Classification to detect skin cancers

Our model was pretty accurate. It was created during a hackathon in under 24 hours paired with a web app for simple testing.

We had the opportunity to speech in front of the french dermatologists syndicate. We won a prize from the public that gave us acces to interesting partnerships. It was my first big leap in entrepreneurship.

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